Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is the platform for sharing photos and videos and nowadays stories have been shared more than by 3.5 billion users on Facebook. But approximately 96% of users face issues with downloading Facebook videos. So, we are here with Facebook video downloader tools for users who can download Facebook video from anywhere.

SSYouTube is the website tool for Facebook video downloader and it’s completely safe and secure for users. Also, our site allows high resolution to Download Facebook Video in 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4k. Also with it, users can select whichever format they like such as MP4. Users can use SSYouTube.online from anywhere, they just need a browser and the proper internet connection. We give our users time more priority that we provide the fastest download speed for Facebook downloader. Therefore, users can focus more on their work and don’t have to worry about the Facebook video downloader.

Steps: Facebook video downloader

1: Open Facebook, and view any video that you would like to download.

2: Copy the link from Facebook.

3: Open Browser and search for ssyoutube.online

4: As the website opens, you can paste your copied link in the input box.

5: Now select the format you like MP4(Video)

6: Now click on the download button. “Success starts to download”.


SSYouTube is the Facebook video downloader tool that helps users download Facebook videos directly into their devices with high quality and the fastest downloading speed. As well as there is only a condition that users can’t download anyone’s personal videos if their Facebook account is private. Other than that anyone can use SSYouTube and download any Facebook for free without any limitations. And no one has to pay any amount for downloading Facebook videos! It’s 100% completely free of cost to use. Our site gets updated every week maintains the security and users’ data and provides the best speed to get Download Facebook Video within seconds with an SSL web protection certificate. So users didn’t have to worry and could Download Facebook Video without any worries.


Our Facebook video downloader supports every OS and browser. For illustration, SSYouTube can work smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Also, any user can access the website with any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Brave, etc.

It is also supported in every single Android, IOS, and PC. Using SSYouTube is better to use instead of using other applications and software that take permission of your personal files without knowing you and also take up space in your device as device storage.


Where Can I See it After the Facebook Video is Downloaded?

You can see the downloaded Facebook video in your download section of the default path or else you can see the path you selected to get it to download.

Does the SSYouTube Facebook Video Downloader Support Mobile Devices?

Yes, SSYouTube supports every Android as well as IOS mobile device which has access to the internet and a web browser in which they can search websites.

Can I Download the Facebook Video in MP4 Format?

Absolutely, you can download Facebook videos in MP4(video) format. You can also see the above-mentioned steps While selecting format select the MP4 format you will get a video file download.

Can I Download Anyone’s Private Facebook Video?

No, it’s illegal to download anyone’s private Facebook profile videos or photos as it is against Facebook Teams and Policy. And It’s against the laws and Orders of every nation.

Is SSYouTube Keep Users’ Data or Not?

Not that we don’t keep users’ data with us. Our website doesn’t require any user login details. Only the users know what they download.

Is SSYouTube Facebook Downloader Safe?

Our Facebook downloader is 100% safe and secure as our site is with SSL certification and HTTPS protection.